May FEATURED artists

Three Sisters

Sweet Summer Light by Karen Romagna

Awaiting by Michele Rofrano

Come with Me by Maryclare Heffernan

Three Sisters Fine Art

On May 20, 2024, the Rye Art Study Group will host artists Maryclare Heffernan, Michele Rofrano, and Karen Romagna for a presentation of their painting techniques, styles, and stories. The three also happen to be sisters who grew up in NJ in a family of artists and musicians where creativity received greater admiration and attention than a well completed homework assignment. They now show and share their art in New Hampshire as Three Sisters Fine Art.

The hour-long discussion will include examples of the artistic similarities and differences in their work and of the never-ending exchange of ideas and learning that happens all the time but especially when they paint together. They work in oils, watercolor and mixed media with subjects ranging from seascapes, landscapes to sheep, birds, barns, fields, or any fleeting beauty in the life around them.

Their individual art journeys have varied from Michele’s long time watercolor practice, showing her art and winning awards in prestigious exhibitions including the North East Watercolor Society, American Artists Professional League, Adirondack National Exhibition of American Watercolors, among others; to Karen’s children’s book illustration of US Poet Laureate Billy Collins poem Voyage, and her presentation at the Library of Congress; to Maryclare’s more recent discovery of painting that manifests itself with a desire to paint  every day, everywhere, all at once, a revelation she spoke about in a TedX talk.

The story of their collective yet separate art journey includes a deep belief in the untapped and endless potential every human possesses. They hope that by sharing their story it will inspire others to take that leap of faith and open up to their own possibilities waiting to emerge.

Three Sisters Fine Art can be seen at the New Hampshire Art Association’s Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery, 136 State St., Portsmouth for the month of May. The show titled “Glimpses of Life Around Us ~ Three Sisters Interpretations,” reflects the connected life everywhere, in all its wonder and beauty.

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