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For the Love of Art

By Laura Cassinari King

Rye Art Study Member


The human race’s innate desire to create is strong. Whether a delicious and beautifully plated meal or the most inspiring visual, musical, or written masterpiece, I am thoroughly convinced that we would create beauty even if there were no one to share it with. It expands our soul in worship and reverence for life.

For seventy years the Rye Art Study (RAS) has been meeting to expand their knowledge of art, as well as their souls. These enthusiasts and artists not only fill their own cup but support artists on many levels. Whether the member is an artist or art lover, their home is overflowing with original art from local artists. The RAS continues to keep artists and their work in the forefront of the community. They frequently attend show openings, host artists monthly as speakers, and share their work and events with friends and family. Though it is true many artists do not seek the support of their community, for those who give their life to this noble calling it is vital, and the reciprocal benefits are endless.

As humans we respond to the beauty surrounding us and artists are driven to poetically capture it by some media. They take the extraordinary or the mundane and poetically connect it to our humanity, our sacredness. They capture the nuances of society, place, and culture in a way that outsiders cannot. One such artist, Rye resident, and recent RAS member, Renée Giffroy, creates landscapes which are photographic images from the details of worn and weathered hulls of boats in Rye Harbor and surrounding coastline while they’re in drydock. See more of Renée’s multi-faceted work at reneegiffroy.com.

Local artists who capture our story in these unique ways are worthy of our support. Renée is just one of many local artists who capture place and community artistically, and when they go to great lengths to share their work through exhibitions, we must respond. To find local shows try seacoastlately.com or “Art ‘Round Town” in Portsmouth when on the first Friday of each month from 5-8 pm, all the galleries offer drinks, small bites, music, and a chance to speak with artists about their work. Attend, savor, ask questions, meet the artist. Take your lover, your children, your neighbor, your enemy and go! You won’t be sorry, and your cup will overflow.

Lastly, nurture the creator within your own soul. “What, not me”, you say? Well, have you ever remodeled a room, written a letter or poem, captured beautiful scenes with your camera, arranged a vase of flowers or decked yourself out for a night on the town? Don’t underestimate your artistic abilities. They all count and may they inspire you to splash around with some paint or dust off that camera!

The RAS offers much along the lines of inspiration, knowledge, and appreciation of visual art. Membership is now open for 2023-24 season.

Join us here at: ryeartstudy.com

Birch Trees by Renée Giffroy

Sunny Day Dunes by Renée Giffroy

White Island by Renée Giffroy

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