may 2018 featured artist

Brian Fitzgerald


Rye Art Study Group Presents Brian Fitzgerald

Brian Fitzgerald grew up in New York City and studied Electrical Engineering at Manhattan College. After serving in the Marine Corps, he worked in the electronics industry in the Boston area and spent 25 years developing computer systems at Digital Equipment Corporation.

Brian has always been interested in Origins – where did everything come from. That led him to the field of archaeology. A trip to Israel whetted his interest in the archaeology of the mid-East where so much has been discovered in the past century.

After retiring, he settled in Rye in 1998. His future wife, Kathy Maxwell, introduced him to the Rye Art Study group where he has given presentations on

Biblical Era Art and art in the Renaissance, French 19th Century and early American periods. Today, he will be updating us on recent finds in the Lands of the Bible.

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