november 11th member showcase 

Inaugural Art Boutique and Raffle

9:30 - 11:30 AM

Rye Congregational Church

580 Washington Rd, Rye, NH

Please note:  No food or drink will be allowed in the exhibit area

Work by the Exhibiting Artists

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  • Note cards by Tracy Hines from her original work
  • Note cards by Tracy Hines from her original work.
  • Sea Glass Art by Cindy Sorenson
  • Sea Glass Art by Cindy Sorenson
  • Sea Glass Art by Cindy Sorenson
  • By Susan Scott
  • By Susan Scott
  • By Susan Scott
  • By Susan Scott
  • By Susan Scott
  • By Pat Cutshall
  • By Pat Cutshall
  • By Pat Cutshall
  • By Lucretia Gordon
  • By Lucretia Gordon
  • By Lucretia Gordon
  • By Lindi Gessin
  • By Gigi Badolato
  • By Gigi Badolato
  • Bands of Color by Ethel Hills
  • Bands of Color by Ethel Hills
  • Bands of Color by Ethel Hills
  • Women Bluebirds by Dawn Lake
  • Small Pictures by Claire Russo
  • Landscape by Claire Russo
  • Jewelry by Claire Russo
  • Milkweed Pods by Norma Torti
  • Abandoned by Norma Torti
  • This Way to the Beach by Norma Torti
  • Beach Path by Norma Torti


Gigi Badolato – Quilter                                                                                                                           gigibadolato@gmail.com

Gigi prefers machine work rather than handwork.  The delight in quilting for her is the adventure of finding a pattern, shopping or finding the fabric, the feel of the cloth, the colors and patterns.  Cutting and piecing is always a challenge!  She started quilting with a group in Manchester, NH 17 years ago.  The group is still working together.

Pat Cutshall – Shardware                                                                                                                           patcutshall@gmail.com

Shardware is a craft of smashing up pottery and arranging it like a mosaic.  Pat has been having fun with it for years and sometimes finds ways to use old jewelry, sea glass, tiles or whimsical finds in her pieces.

Monica Fraser - Painter, watercolor                                                                                                                 jbmfraser@aol.com

Monica is a talented watercolor artist well known on the Seacoast.  She is sharing her hand painted original Christmas cards and small paintings.

Lindi Gessin – Potter                                                                                                                                  lindigessin@yahoo.com

Lindi’s work is truly one of a kind.  Stop by and see some of her pieces.

Lucretia Gordon – Painter                                                                                                                               lsg00824@gmail.com

There is remarkable variety in Lucretia’s work.  You’ve got to see them!

You can also follow her on Instagram LucretiaPaints

Ethel Hills – Bits and Pieces                                                                                                                    ethelhills@comcast.net

Ethel creates abstract landscapes by gluing bits and pieces to a painted base. The bits and pieces are torn and cut from unsuccessful watercolor paintings.  Ethel has been doing this for more than 10 years.  She came across this abstract art form in a book by Gerry Brommer.  It turned out to be the perfect outlet for her when she was caring for her mother.  It gave her the opportunity to paint even though her time was extremely limited.  Look for BOLD, BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL!

Tracy Hines – Painter focusing on acrylic and watercolor                                                                    tracyhinesartist@gmail.com

An artist from a very young age, Tracy first learned her skills from her creative family.  She continued her studies at UNH, Currier Museum Art Center, NH Institute of Art and other classes.  She taught art classes at Main 4Street Art in Newfield and Seacoast Charter School.  Her art was part of Artist of NH, a program of Carol Shea-Porter.  Her couture head and neck pieces appeared in Where Women Create Work, Fall 2018.

She is selling note cards of her original work, gift tags, mini prints, original acrylic paintings, and birch disk ornaments.  Items range in price from $10 to $100.  You can also look for Tracy’s treasures at the Roosting Nest in Exeter.

Follow her on Instagramchasingdragonfliesstudio, Facebook tracyhinesartist , and her Website  tracyhines.wordpress.com

Jane Jensen – Floral Designer

Jane is a dedicated member of the Rye Driftwood Garden Club.  She is known for her creative floral designs in Rye Art in Bloom.  She will how YOU how to make an unbelievably beautiful fall floral arrangement.

Kathryn Job – Floral Designer                                                                                                                          lrjob@comcast.net

A horticulture devotee with an interest in floral design, Kathryn also has tremendous experience with garden design and planting.  She is making a holiday arrangement with live greens and dried flower material from her garden.  The finished holiday arrangement will be offered as a silent auction item with proceeds going to Rye Art Study.

You are invited to the Rye Driftwood Garden Club Christmas Greens Sale on December 7, 9-12 at the Rye Congregational Church.  For more information, go to ryenhgardenclub.org.

Dawn Lake - Photographer                                                                                                                           dawn@lakegroup.com

Dawn starts with photographs she has taken in Afghanistan and the Seacoast.  She then uses Adobe Photoshop to achieve a painterly quality that is truly unique and captivating.  Dawn has been practicing photography since she was a child.  She pursues it both as a vocation and avocation.

She has items for sale ranging in price from $5 for stationery cards to $95 for canvas mounted larger photos.

Margaret Potvin – Quilter                                                                                                                 mandbbythesea@comcast.net

Margaret makes both hand and machine made quilts.  Stop by to see her beautiful work.

Claire Russo - All around Artist                                                                                                                        ryetired@gmail.com

You will find hooked handbags, watercolor and acrylic paintings, cards, jewelry when you look at Claire’s work.  She was an Art major in college and a teacher for 34 years.  Inspired by her love for the Seacoast , art is a hobby for her, and she has some work for sale at Local Color, Seacoast Florist, and Churchill’s of Rye.  You are also welcome to attend Claire’s drawing class at the Rye Public Library on Tuesday mornings at 9:30.

Susan Scott – Painter                                                                                                                                      7sjscott@gmail.com

Susan’s paintings are delightful ways to really see flowers.  Enjoy!                               

Brenda Slattery - Painter, watercolor and acrylic                                                                         brendaslattery@myfairpoint.net

Living on the NH seacoast, Brenda is inspired to do paintings of the seacoast area.  Landscapes and florals are her favorite subjects.  Her style of painting is both impressionistic and representational.  She is a member of Seacoast Art Association and Kittery Art Association.  She will be sharing her hand painted Christmas cards and small paintings.  

Cindy Sorenson – Sea Glass Art                                                                                                                    mesorenson@aol.com

Inspired by walks along the New Hampshire Seacoast, Cindy makes framed pieces from unaltered sea glass and other natural items.  Since 2010, Cindy and her husband Mark have been regular beach walkers, collecting sea glass on their walks.   Cindy felt called to do something creative with her massive collection of treasures from the beach. The result is Sea Lou Designs, adorable and timeless!  (SeaLouDesigns.com)

Norma Torti Fine Art:  Oil Paintings and Prints of Still Lifes and Beachscapes                                              normatorti@gmail.com

Norma is an artist who has loved painting and drawing for more than 40 years.  For the past five years, this has been her full-time business.  She is currently enrolled in the Boston School Atelier.  Norma will have items for sale ranging in price from $50 to $400. 

Debby Turbide – Jeweler                                                                                                                                      deb@debturbide.com

Debby makes beautiful beaded jewelry making great gifts for friends, family members, and yourself!

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